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2024 CMAC Club Cookbook: Home Chef Edition 

Welcome to the 2024 CMAC Club Cookbook: Home Chef Edition, brought to you by the CMAC Ontario Branch! With 71 recipes from 58 clubs, we are thrilled to share our largest version to date. For the first time, we have representation from each of the eleven CMAC Branches. We are also welcoming nineteen new Clubs this year.

Chefs were asked to create dishes that amateur home chefs could easily source products for and want to create on their own. We invite you to share the cookbook with family, friends, colleagues, and your social networks. Make sure to take a look at the club and vendor websites and the video submissions, both ads and recipes.

To each of the clubs and chefs who have contributed, we appreciate the effort you put into creating this content and for supporting this project. A sincere thank you to the vendors for advertising in the cookbook. The cookbook would not exist without you!

I would like to acknowledge the continued support from our vendor partners, Shannon Robinson and Robert Thompson from Matchplay Golf Marketing, for constantly improving this digital format. Special thanks to our Ontario Branch Manager, Lisa Noonan CAE, and Rita Assabgui, our new Ontario Branch Membership and Communications Coordinator, for doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting with the cookbook.

We hope you enjoy this cookbook!

Chris Serré, CCM
Cookbook Chair and
Clubhouse Manager
Rosedale Golf Club

2023 CMAC Club Cookbook National Edition- The Best of our Clubs

After creating and releasing our original Club Cookbook in 2021, and returning last year with our “Soup Edition,” we knew we wanted to take it across the country in 2023. With big goals, lots of help and even more emails, we were ready to solicit recipes from coast-to-coast. While this began as an Ontario Branch initiative, it truly is a ‘National Edition’ this year.

We are celebrating our CMAC chefs with recipes that may represent their heritage or club staples, or simply a recipe they want you to enjoy attempting. We have a tremendous variety in our recipes, and they are offered to you with passion and pride.

The stats this year are amazing. We have 63 chefs and recipes, 60 clubs representing nine CMAC branches and nine supportive vendor partners participating this year. Matchplay Golf Marketing has helped us constantly improve this dynamic digital format. Whether you are viewing on a desktop, laptop or phone, you have complete control of your experience exploring the cookbook. Just click left and right, scroll up and down, and jump from recipe to table of contents and back. You have links to the club and vendor websites as well.

Enjoy these recipes and please share the cookbook. Connect with family, friends, and colleagues and encourage them to experiment and try as many new recipes as they can. We encourage you to share this cookbook with your social networks too. With each year, and each edition, we want this cookbook to highlight the creativity of these culinary greats, the members that support them and the clubs they share their love of cooking.

I would like to thank our committee of Richard Arnold CCM, Eric Sargent CCM, Marcel Bregstein CCM, and Natasha Babic for their assistance in connecting with and inviting our colleagues and vendors to share our project. Special thanks to our Ontario Branch Administrator, Lisa Noonan CAE, for doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting with the cookbook.

Chris Serré
Cookbook Chair

2022 CMAC Club Cookbook - Soup Edition

What is more comforting than a delicious bowl of soup? Each of our clubs created their own signature soups that are equally popular in the winter as they are in the summer months. This year, we present the Club Cookbook: Soup Edition.

With almost fifty chefs, representing more than thirty clubs this year, we welcome back some familiar faces and celebrate each of the new chefs who shared their fabulous creations. We also received support from many sponsor partners in offering you this cookbook. We cannot thank these partners enough for their constant support of this book, the Networking Social event, our branch, and our members.

We encourage you to share this cookbook with friends, family, your social networks, and most of all, your own members. The creativity of these superstar chefs is highlighted with this beautiful book and will encourage any soup lover to try the delicious recipes within.

I would like to thank our committee of Chef Chris Gironda, Marcel Bregstein CCM, and our Branch Administrator, Lisa Noonan, for their assistance in putting this all together.

We hope you enjoy this year's cookbook.

2021 CMAC Club Cookbook

The Annual Networking Social event was a means to get together at an opportune time sandwiched between the end of golf season, the start of curling season and as boats were coming out of the water. It has always been an occasion for club staff to gather to celebrate, commiserate and enjoy an evening of good food, good beverages, good friends and to network with colleagues and industry partners.

Club managers are always looking for ways to improve the experiences of our members. Out of last year’s challenges, our branch had to look at new ways to continue many of our traditional events and education sessions. We could think of no better way to pivot than to create a digital cookbook that would highlight the talent of our club chefs with all our members throughout the branch.

Last fall would have been our 12th Annual Networking Social. Without the ability to gather in a large social setting, we decided to bring more club managers and chefs together in the form of this cookbook. We asked our chefs to share their culinary creativity with all of us. They have given us recipes that inspire them, showcase their talents, and include items that members at their home clubs call their favourites. You will find 38 unique recipes in our cookbook representing 35 clubs this year.

I would like to thank our committee of Shendal Yalchin CCM, Saleem Malik CCM, Chef Chris Gironda, Marcel Bregstein CCM, and Martina Herling CCM, as well as to our Branch Administrator Lisa Noonan for their assistance in putting this all together.

Welcome to our club chef’s tables, we hope you enjoy this cookbook.

The CMAC Club Cookbook is Chaired by Chris Serré CCM, Club House Manager, Rosedale Golf Club

For more information about the CMAC Club Cookbook please contact Lisa Noonan